CF Athletic

was founded in 2007 and battle tested by some of the fiercest athletes in the world through their rugged training and on their athletic field of choice—the “Cage”.   From the very beginning, the CF Team has strived to innovate the clothing industry by creating the most durable, yet comfortable apparel for those who push their bodies to the limit. Our gear and apparel is specifically made for those athletes who understand that success doesn’t just happen—it is the result of hours of sweat, sacrifice, effort, and pain. Success is reserved for those rare individuals who truly understand what it means to EMBRACE THE GRIND.


the CF Athletic team understood that our responsibility was to not just create a clothing line, but instead to provide the athletes that wear our gear with the mental and physical edge to do that extra push up, run that extra mile, add two more plates to the bar, do that extra set of squats, and push their body further than they ever could imagine. It is this commitment to a higher purpose that drives Olympic gold medalists and UFC Champions, high school athletes training all summer to earn a spot on their Varsity team, or the person who wakes up at 5 am every morning before work to get that work-out in, to put the CF Athletic logo on their body while they EMBRACE THE GRIND of sport…..while they EMBRACE THE GRIND of life!

Today, CF Athletic

can be found in all 50 states and in countries throughout the globe – and on athletes competing at every level in nearly every sport. CF doesn’t just represent a clothing company, it signifies a way of life for those who put our logo on their personal temple and make the conscious choice to EMBRACE THE GRIND!